Lassie 2.0

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Japan's Cream Collon is a biscuit snack shaped like small tubes and filled with cream

Breast Munchies are made from 100% chicken breast nuggets and are enjoyed by Australians 

Finland's Megapussi Juusto Snacks are similar in smell and taste to Wotsits 

Romanian hot drink Urinal is made with cranberries and is said to offer 'natural protection'

China's Only Puke crackers are actually known as Only Pukeet

Japan's Crunky Ball Nude or Crunky Nude Ballis made with hazelnut paste and malt and covered in chocolate

At a Turkish party? Dip your crudites in tzatziki, muhammara or cemen 

Sweden's Plopp chocolate accounts for 95 per cent of confectionery sales in the country.

Slake your thirst with a Greek Vergina beer  

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Shi* My Pants

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Human Robot Strikes Back

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Baby Vs. Sleep

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